Macaw Choker Necklace + Chain Bracelet Set (4MM beads)


Macaw Choker Necklace + Chain Bracelet Set (4MM beads)

 Just like the beautiful Macaw bird serves as a good omen in Central and South American folklore, Macaw jewelry pieces make wonderful good luck charms. Macaw is the perfect piece to welcome sunshine and healing. It's a bright, happy, deep green color. Make a statement with our matching handmade choker necklace + chain bracelet set. They are simple and elegant making them perfect for everyday wear or for a fancy night out. They pair well layered with other jewelry but will turn heads all on their own. This choker necklace is sold in four sizes- 13", 15" 17", and 19" with a 2” extension chain allowing the chain to be adjusted lower if desired. Please refer to our Size Guide to learn more about how our necklaces fit.
here are three different adult bracelet sizes to choose from. You can review our Size Guide if you are unsure of which bracelet size will suit you best.

Our jewelry is made with only the highest quality materials that have been tried, tested and approved by us. We use only gold filled and sterling silver components making your jewelry last and look beautiful for years to come. Any other beads we use are high quality semi-precious or precious stones. They will not chip, flake or change colors. To learn more about our materials and what makes gold filled unique read here.