Nymph Adult Bracelet (4MM beads)

Nymph Adult Bracelet (4MM beads)

I am smitten by this dark + dramatic new shade. Nymph is inspired by the magic and mystery that can be found under the sea. Like the call of the siren, this piece encourages the wearer to seek adventure and look beyond what meets the eye.

Vibrant colors with accents of gold or silver can perfect and complete any outfit. GEMS bracelets show off delicate beauty in a high-quality, durable fashion.

Our jewelry is made with only the highest quality materials that have been tried, tested and approved by us. We use only gold filled and sterling silver components making your jewelry last and look beautiful for years to come. Any other beads we use are high quality semi-precious or precious stones. They will not chip, flake or change colors. To learn more about our materials and what makes gold filled unique read here.

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