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GEMS Holiday Gift Guide 2023

GEMS Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Seasons Greetings GEMS Friends! With the holidays upon us, I wanted to share some gift guides as you shop. Hopefully you’re getting some of the items from your personal GEMS Wishlist, too! (You deserve it!) There are three categories of Gift Guides to give you some “gift-sporation” as you shop for your loved ones.

There are three categories of Gift Guides to give you some “gift-sporation” as you shop for your loved ones. 

Heartwarming gifts for a First Time Mom:

1, 2 & 6. GEMS Birthstone accessories make an exceptional gift for an exceptional person. I use Swarovski crystal beads in my bracelets, necklaces, and charms. They last you for years to come and will always hold a special meaning. 

3. Sweet. Simple. Stackable. Our dainty rings are water resistant so they’ll never turn green on you. They bring subtle elegance with their minimal designs but pack a punch with symbolism and meaning.  I offer both gold filled, and sterling silver options, in sizes that range from 5 to 9.

4. Say hello 👋 to your new favorite comfortable + secure earrings. The post on these earrings has an internal thread that allows the custom earring back to screw onto the post, and stay put! Even better, the earring back is rounded to protect the skin behind your ears from being poked by the metal posts. Our Screw Back earrings are made with surgical steel. They are hypoallergenic and will never turn ears green or cause issues with sensitivity.

5. These are going to charm your socks off! The Initial Charm Necklace is a cute layering piece + fully customizable.

Personalize your necklace with a classy flat round gold charm. These have a single letter cut out of the center and can be arranged to spell out something special, or can be used to represent the initials of loved ones. The necklace comes with a single charm, and add-ons are available for an additional cost.

7. MAMA + MINI matching bracelets make the perfect gift for a new mother. ♡ Wear this bracelet with pride! You earned the title of MAMA and deserve a beautiful accessory to show it off.

Sweet + Meaningful gift for Baby’s First Christmas:

1. Match your little angel in the trendy and classy Loyalty bracelets to symbolize your unbreakable bond as mother and daughter. 

2 + 3. If your babe has her ears pierced, or you plan to get them pierced, I cannot recommend the Screw Back Earrings or Forever Hoop earrings enough. Both are designed with comfort and security in mind, including the materials. These won't tarnish and are made with hypoallergenic metals perfect for sensitive skin. Screw Backs have a secure earring back that you can screw on tight to the earring post; and has a rounded end that won't poke into the soft skin behind the ears. Forever Hoops are lightweight, elegant, and meant to be put in and left in for daily wear. The end of the post fits back into the loop, creating an infinite circle and eliminating any discomfort from a poky earring post. 

4. Kindness makes a great first gold bracelet for your baby! it's made of gold filled beads strung on a stainless steel wire, making it a safe, durable, and long-lasting accessory with a 1/2-inch extension chain that allows it to adjust as she grows. 5. Butterfly charms make a sweet + stunning addition to any bracelet that we attach for you. Customize her accessories with a handcrafted charm for under $5.  

6. Princess Two-Packs are a set of bracelets inspired by everyone’s favorite Disney Princesses. I love the combination of Coral and Seashell in Moana's Two-Pack. It's a darling neutral that will look adorable stacked on her tiny wrist.

7.I highly recommend getting a Keepsake Pouch! This vegan leather pouch has a secure snap and soft lining that stores her precious GEMS when she's not wearing her accessories, or to keep her first bracelets safe and secure so you can pass them onto her once she's grown. 🥹

Find the perfect accessory for your toddler or school-aged girls:

1. Stretchy Miss Americana Bracelet (GEMS Version) comes in sizes that work for your older Swiftie fan. It's strung with gold filled or sterling silver beads dotted with colors that represent each of Taylor Swift’s ten respective albums. If you have a smaller Taylor Swift Fan, see number 7 for a gift idea that she'll be thrilled with!

2. Hypoallergenic. Comfortable. Secure.  Add to cart. Screw Back Earrings are a secure and comfortable earring for all ages; ideal for young girls due to the rounded earring back that screws on securely to the earring posts. 

3 & 6. A dainty stacking ring is a sweet + simple gift. Made of gold filled or sterling silver, this is an accessory she'll feel so cute wearing every day without it turning her fingers green. 🙌

4. Necklaces make an outfit go from good to great effortlessly. This Opal Droplet necklace is a dainty chain adorned with a tiny and stunning opal pendant that's both classy and eye-catching. I recommend this accessory for girls ages 5 & up.

5. You'll fall in *love* with these teeny tiny heart-stamped studs. These darling little things are $14 and 25% off during this Holiday Sale. If you're looking for a more secure option, look for the Heart Screw Back earrings!

6. GEMS DIY Bracelet Kits are perfect for ages 4+ who enjoy creating and designing jewelry. With our signature glass, plastic, and clay beads, this kit will spark imagination and inspire endless possibilities.

7. Charm their socks off with a handmade charm. Choose between a daisy, butterfly, letter initial, or birthstone for a personal touch to a bracelet, or necklace. Make sure you're leaving a note of which accessory you want to charm attached to. 

If you need more gift ideas for younger girls, leave a comment and I'll happily help!

Thank you for shopping small this Holiday Season. It means the world to me and my small team of women.