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May Fashion Edit 2023

May Fashion Edit 2023

Hi GEMS Friends! I’ve got a ~groovy~ Fashion Edit lined up for your teens + younger school aged girls this week. These outfits are perfect when they are out having fun and getting their groove on! I’m in love with this color pallet! The bright pops of orange and hot pink, with softer pinks and gold accents are a v-i-b-e! It’s an outfit she’ll have on repeat for as long as she can. 🔁

You can shop the light pink flower set & the oversized t-shirt dress, and both pairs of shoes at H&M. Boom!👊 Don’t you love when that happens? The darling dusty rose fanny pack can be snagged from Thread Wallets; but hurry! This must-have shade might sell out fast! This is a great accessory for your teen to carry her keys, phone, lip gloss, etc. 

Let’s talk accessories- which we all know is the cherry on top of each outfit! I selected Daisy Screw Back Earrings and an Edelweiss bracelet to match the flower print on the set. Honey and Blush bracelets compliment the pinks and oranges in the outfit and are colors that can be stacked to match other bracelets. Add some extra personality with a Butterfly Charm to any bracelet to make it pop! 

Your teen has likely noted that pearls are trending and will fall head-over-heels for this pair of Freshwater Pearl Hoops. These are crazy comfortable, and look fantastic with every outfit- day or night! The same can be said for the Floating Pearl Necklace and the very popular Mini Pearl Chain Bracelet. These pearl accessories add simple elegance and will never go out of style! Pair her Mini Pearl bracelet with a pop of hot pink with Peony and a dash of sparkle with Sunny. Don’t forget an anklet! This trendy summer accessory will be fun for you + your girls to match in while you shop, swim, sunbathe, and sip on lemonade in the shade. GEMS anklets are durable for all your summer adventures, and water resistant. I’ve been wearing my anklet nonstop for nearly three years, and only took it off when I had my baby last summer. Once we returned from the hospital, it went right back on! It’s so pretty and lightweight. You’ll feel so pretty wearing this trendy accessory, and your girls will love matching you!

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5 years old - 10 years old
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This Fashion Edit is bright and fun and will make you feel pretty in pink with this matching Mini + Mama outfits! I picked hearts and pink accessories to accent the hot pink outfits from H&M.

Keep your girls comfortable in a two piece cotton set or sweet ruffled dress and pair it with these darling bow sandals that make it easy to get on and off. If your girls have their ears pierced, pop in a pair of gold Heart Screw Back Earrings that provide secure backs that also protect the soft skin behind ears making these earrings comfortable to leave in for naps and bedtime. These earrings are Ion plated and made with surgical grade stainless steel which makes them excellent for those with sensitive ears. Adorn their cute little wrists with an Adore bracelet featuring a sweet little heart attached to my popular and trendy Loyalty chain. This piece also comes in a stunning necklace, too.  Add more pink pizazz Petal, Enchanted, and Wendy. You really can’t go wrong with any of these fun and vibrant pink shades this summer. 

You’ll feel effortlessly put together with a hot pink ribbed top paired with high waisted boyfriend jeans. Slip into this darling pair of ruched sandals that complement the sparkly and Viva Magenta + Enchanted bracelets. 

These affordable matching outfits will check all your boxes for looking + feeling good this spring. You’re bound to turn heads and get loads of compliments. 

Is pink a color you’d rock with your girls?

6 months - 4 years old
2 years old - 10 years old

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through any links!*