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Screw Back Earrings

Screw Back Earrings

Say hello 👋 to your new favorite comfortable + secure earring for women and children. Keep reading to find out why these are simply the best!

Have you heard about Screw Back Earrings? These have become a popular option for young girls, people with multiple piercings, and great for 24/7 wear. The post on these earrings have an internal thread that allows the custom earring back to screw onto the post, and stay put! Even better, the earring back is rounded to protect the skin behind your ears from being poked by the metal posts. Our Screw Back earrings are made with surgical steel. They are hypoallergenic and will never turn ears green or cause issues with sensitivity.

GEMS customer, Cassandra R. said this about GEMS Screw Back Earrings:

“We absolutely love our earrings! My daughter's skin is super sensitive and not once has she been irritated by them! I love that they are easier to take on and off without hurting.”

Note- These earrings aren’t gold filled, but they are made from 316L medical grade stainless steel, and have been Ion plated in gold or silver. The medical grade stainless steel helps keep these hypoallergenic and won’t irritate skin. 

Here are a few tips for putting in Screw Back Earrings to make sure they are secure.

First, remove the front piece with the design by twisting it from the back of the earring. These pieces are small, and might be tricky to grip and unscrew. I suggest holding the front piece still, and unscrewing the back off of the post.

Then, insert the post through the piercing like you do when putting on regular stud earrings. Hold the inserted earring and your earlobe still with one hand, and with the opposite hand, hold the back of the earring securely between your pointer finger and thumb and gently twist the back clockwise onto the post until it’s been screwed on all the way. Make sure that the threading is aligned to the post before you tighten - if it's not, you may strip the threading.

To remove, hold both the front and back of the earring and unscrew by rotating the back counter clockwise.

Additional tips:

  • If you or your child has not had earrings in for awhile, we recommend placing a thinner post through the piercing first. This will open the piercing up and allow for easier placement. 
  • Try inserting earring from the back first and then from the front when the hole is clear and open.
  • If the earring feels tight or you have newly pierced ears, try inserting the earrings right after a warm shower or after placing a warm, moist rag on the earlobes. This will allow the tissue of the earlobes to be a little stretchier.
  • If you have difficulty getting a good grip on the tiny backs to screw on, try wearing tight fitting latex or rubber gloves to screw them on. The extra grip will help you to twist the earring backs on tight.

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