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Practical ways to use the GEMS Keepsake Pouch

Practical ways to use the GEMS Keepsake Pouch

A Keepsake Pouch for those “Remember how tiny she was?” moments.

GEMS customers often ask how I like to store my daughter’s bracelets when they outgrow their first bracelets. After getting that question several times, I recognized that mamas wanted a special place to keep + remember their baby’s first bracelet. This sparked the inspiration for me to create a beautiful Keepsake Pouch as a pretty and functional place to store your daughter’s GEMS along with her other precious keepsakes from her first years.

These custom pouches are made of vegan leather, and feature a secure snap to keep your precious GEMS tucked away safely. These pouches are available in two sizes- 3 1/8” x 3 1/8” square (best for bracelets); and a 3 1/8” x 4 7/8” rectangle (best for necklaces, or multiple items.) 

I’ve been working on these Keepsake Pouches for at least a year, and I am thrilled beyond words that they are finally available to you! 

Imagine being able to re-gift her tiny GEMS bracelets when she's all grown up, and conquering the world on her own. It's a precious + priceless gift that will keep on giving. 💗

Preserve the precious details in GEMS Keepsake Pouch.