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Our Story

I've been making jewelry ever since I can remember. Growing up the youngest of five girls, all that femininity was channeled into this creative outlet. I have always loved how fulfilling it is to work with my hands and create something beautiful from many different pieces.

My jewelry has evolved over time from plastic glitter beads to teething necklaces to the crystal bracelets and necklaces you see on the website today, but one thing remains constant: quality is the most important thing to me. I continually search for the highest grade materials to make my jewelry not only stunning aesthetically, but durable as well. Especially when it is going to be in the tiny hands that put every product to the test.

Having my three girls Rosie + Hazel + Nora has fueled my passion further and I love accessorizing them with sparkly, ladylike bracelets. My hope is to share my love of jewelry with other women and their little misses.