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August Fashion Edit

August Fashion Edit

Happy August, GEMS Friends! I didn’t do a Fashion Edit last week because I had a Customer Appreciation centered week that you all made incredibly fun and special. But I’m back, and my focus is on these cute Back-to-School outfits for your school aged girls. 

Next week, my two oldest daughters start second grade & Kindergarten, and my third daughter will be in Pre-K. It’s about to get b-u-s-y! I hope these curated outfits will spark some ideas for back-to-school wardrobe ideas. 

5 years old - 12 years old

If you’re out school shopping at Old Navy, grab that darling ribbed t-shirt for your daughter(s). Or add it to your cart from the comfort of your home using the link I conveniently added for you. 😉 I think it’ll be a staple for the upcoming school year. It’s a rib-knit material, and has a scoop neck. The short sleeves feature a darling lettuce-edge detail on the sleeve and bottom hem. I chose to pair it with a comfy loose romper. It’s got a wide leg allowing her to move freely while she’s playing at recess. It’s available in eight more colors that are neutral and just as cute! 

To dress it up, I’d add Amour Studs, and an Angel Hair Quartz necklace for some effortless sparkle. A bracelet stack with Coastal, Sugar, and Adore ties in the greens, golds and hearts 💕 

A pair of leather sandals, and a leather knotted bow (from Lou Lou and Company) ties it all together and keeps it simple enough she can style it herself.

For older girls, adding a Loyalty Anklet will make her feel extra pretty and polished. She’ll head back to school feeling confident and comfortable. 



13 years old - 18 years old

This outfit is basic, but that’s the beauty of it! She can throw this on with her GEMS jewelry and feel confident to tackle the school day ahead of her.

Start off with a good pair of high waisted denim shorts, and a comfortable t-shirt. I linked black jeans cut-offs, and a striped tee from Old Navy. I love how easy it is to grab these items of clothing because I’m familiar with their sizing, and quality; and the prices fit my budget just right! 👌 Next she’ll need high-top canvas shoes. It’s likely she’s got a pair, or two, that are well worn in her closet right now. However, I linked these Daisy ones because they are incredibly cute, have great reviews, and are bound to make her happy! (Daisies have that effect on people.) 

The accessories were chosen with versatility in mind. She’ll be able to wear her GEMS everyday and it’ll convert from one outfit to another seamlessly. Starting with earrings, I selected Encircle for its meaning. With school starting soon, encourage her to broaden her circle, and include others with more love and acceptance.

Clarity is a very popular chain right now, and instead of choosing between wearing the bracelet or anklet, I chose both! Although this chain is dainty, it can definitely hold its own by being worn solo. For an everyday bracelet stack, Mod White and Hazel are a great team. I named the Hazel bracelet after my daughter, Hazel. She’s resilient, beautiful, a ray of sunshine, playful and forgiving. I’m guessing your daughter also possesses some of those same qualities to uplift and inspire those around her. Lastly, the simple Knot + Slim ring can be worn everyday! Both styles are available in sterling silver & gold filled, and won’t turn her fingers green. 🙌 

I wish you and your little women the best of luck prepping for a new school year!


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“Sisters make the best friends in the world” -Marilyn Monroe
This week is centered around matching outfits for sisters. If you’re an all-girl-mom, like me, you’ll love what I’ve got curated for your girlies.

Let’s give H&M a big round of applause for providing such adorable matching outfits for this week’s Fashion Edit. The baby bodysuit is made of airy linen. I love the short sleeves, rounded collar,  and how the buttons are on the upper back. The two-piece cotton set for toddlers and older, comes with overall shorts and T-shirt in soft, organic cotton. The overall shorts are a woven, crêped fabric with straps that allow buttoning on the front. For school aged girls, I selected a matching dress in textured, double-weave cotton. It gathers at the top for added volume. It could be worn as is, or paired with a tee under, or a cardigan/jacket on top.

There’s a long list of GEMS accessories that can be worn with these cute outfits. I chose gold, gray, navy blue and creamy pearls to accent the neutral colors. 

If your daughters have their ears pierced, I highly recommend the super comfortable Forever Hoops. These hoops don’t have any backs that will bother them when they sleep, and will stay put- you won’t have to worry about them falling out and getting lost! For older girls, add some glam with the Droplet Threader Earrings. These are lightweight, comfortable, and super simple for her to put in by herself. I like to add more color and interest to an outfit with my bracelets. For the matching sister bracelets, I chose Louise + Loyalty. Loyalty will remind your daughters to remain loyal to themselves and each other.
For babies, add a River bracelet to tie in the navy blue from Louise. A Mini Freshwater Pearl bracelet for your toddler will highlight her dainty wrist, and can be worn with everything else in her wardrobe. The Mod Gray bracelet is a fabulous neutral bracelet made with the trendy + light weight clay beads. Add a charm featuring your daughter's initials for a more personal touch.

Accent the navy blue from their Louise bracelets with matching hair accessories and shoes. (Each one is linked below.) For bonus accessories, add an Initial Charm Necklace + Freshwater Pearl Necklace, and stacked Luna + Braid Ring for your older girls. These accessories will make them feel grown up, and extra pretty!

newborn - 4 years old


*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through any links!*

We’re about to get all matchy-matchy in comfy clothes in this week’s GEMS Fashion Edit. This week’s curated matching set for you and your daughter is giving Saturday movie marathon vibes. 🍿

The lounge sets are actually from different stores, but both are a cozy charcoal color. The toddler set is from Amazon. It’s a cotton blend, ribbed texture, and comes in 40+ more colors/styles. For you mamas- your lounge set is from Old Navy. It’s a soft-washed, rib-knit & 100% cotton. It features an elasticized high-rise waistband, and has a lettuce-edge ruffle at each leg opening. If you’re heading out to run errands, throw on a matching pair of white canvas sneakers with a subtle pop of color on the sole. Adult and kid shoes are from Amazon. The children’s shoes have rubber soles, breathable cloth, and double adjustable velcro straps. These make great shoes for kiddos to put on themselves. The women’s sneakers have pretty good reviews. They are made of canvas, lace up, and have synthetic rubber soles.

Next, add a small Raven black clip or bow in your hair from my favorite shop, Lou Lou and Company. 

Now that we’ve covered your head, shoulders, knees and toes, we can add the accessories! Matching Essence studs (10mm for little one, and 15mm for you) for a touch of effortless sparkle. I love the small crystal detail on this circle stud. The bracelet stack I chose is Mod Black, Be Mine, and Quarry; a 4mm natural Kiwi Jasper. It’s a white stone freckled with black spots and helps release all that no longer serves you- it’s perfect for enhancing the cozy vibes🙌 

2 years old - 7 years old



*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through any links!*