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How to layer your necklaces with a little less tangled drama

How to layer your necklaces with a little less tangled drama

This is a very common dilemma for women who like to layer their necklaces. As you move throughout the day, your chains + clasp will naturally move with you, causing the inevitable tangles. Here are a few suggestions to keep you from ending up in big mess:

  • Use necklaces with different weights. Think Luxe, and Kindness paired with smaller chains like Clarity and Fearless. Daintier chains paired with heavier chains create balance and avoid tangles.
  • Mix long and short necklaces. Your pieces will interlace less with a mixture of necklace lengths.The closer your necklaces are in length, the more likely they are to get tangled. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least a 2" buffer in-between each necklace. I offer 4 different lengths: 13”, 15”, 17” and 19” chains that come with a 2” extension chain attached.
  • Keep in touch with your necklaces. Playing with your necklaces all day is another simple way to keep them from getting too tangled. Every so often, reach up and adjust as needed, just like you would when wearing a single necklace.

  • Straighten things out first. When first putting your necklaces on, make sure that your chain is free from twists + tangles, and all necklaces are facing the right direction to prevent them from flipping around. 

I recently added a brand new product to our shop called the Necklace Layering Clasp. This offers a sleek solution to perfectly layer necklaces and reduce tangles. The connector has two parts. One side with 3 loops to attach your necklace clasps + on the other side are 3 clasps to attach onto the extension chains of your necklaces. It's so easy to put on- it glides up + down and then locks in place for a secure fit. And just like that you can wear your three favorite necklaces at the same time with one simple clasp. Our Necklace Layering Clasps are available in gold filled and sterling silver. They measure 20mm x 4.3mm for a discrete look. You need this tool in your jewelry box! I’ve linked a quick tutorial video for this clasp below. Check it out.