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GEMS Holiday Gift Guide 2021

GEMS Holiday Gift Guide 2021

I’m sure we all want to be known for giving a killer gift and be the hero of the holidays. It can be stressful to those of us who aren’t gift wizards. I’m not saying I am a wizard of any type, but I do want to help take away the stress and give you confidence that your loved one will be thrilled with their GEMS jewelry. Listed below are some gifting ideas for 3 different price points.


$25 and under: BRAID RING $24


$100 and under: RADIANCE CHOKER $80

For mom + mother-in-law, I picked some elegant pieces that they’ll feel so classy wearing. The Braid Ring has a fun texture and stacks beautifully with other rings. Pearls are always a good choice! Our freshwater pearls are one of a kind, and available in white or blush pink. The meaning behind the Radiance Choker is to serve as a reminder that you are the most beautiful when you are true to yourself. Remind your mom/MIL that she is beautiful no matter what! 


$25 and underENCIRCLE EARRINGS $20

$55 and under:  LOYALTY CHAIN BRACELET $51

$100 and under: SEASHELL FRINGE NECKLACE $80 

Spoil your sister(s) with these trendy and meaningful pieces. Encircle reminds her to broaden her circle and to be open minded. The Loyalty Bracelet is a sweet reminder that you will be there for her no-matter what. I chose the Seashell Fringe Necklace for it’s subtle color, and flirty design. It can be worn with many outfits and will layer with other necklaces like a dream!  


$25 and under:  HEART STUDS $14 

$55 and under:   ARCTIC BRACELET $30-$40

$100 and under: RAINBOW CHOKER $61

I picked girly and simple pieces for your daughter. Hearts, sparkles and color!
These teeny tiny Heart Studs make a great pair of first earrings, if she hasn’t pierced her ears yet. If she does have pierced ears, then she’ll be thrilled to add these to her collection. She can wear these all day everyday without any irritation. This magical and icy cyan with an iridescent finish is just as mesmerizing as the northern lights you’d see dancing in the Arctic skies! It’s the perfect pop of color to be stacked with bright or dark colored bracelets in her collection. I love the significance of the rainbow as the symbol of new beginnings and hope. This necklace can remind her to look for the positive in a challenging situation, and know that you’ll always be there for her. 


$25 and under: SUMMIT RING $24 


$100 and under: UNITY CHOKER NECKLACE $98 

Show your friend how much you cherish her by gifting these meaningful pieces of GEMS jewelry. 
The Summit ring serves as a reminder to keep going through the valley’s of life, until she reaches her golden summit. The super stunning Effortless Crystal Threaders are lighter than a feather, and very chic. This will enhance her natural beauty and serve as a reflection of the sparkle she has inside of her. This classic linked necklace of Unity can symbolize the strength of your friendship. Let her know the bond between you two means so much to you.

GEMS are meant to be lived in everyday, and durable enough to be loved for years to come. Gold filled and sterling silver jewelry is nickel free, hypoallergenic and a budget friendly option to solid gold and silver jewelry. Our packaging is pretty and ready to gift. We also have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, so if your gift doesn’t fit, they can send it in for a replacement, easy peasy! For care instructions, style tips and new product launches, follow us on instagram @Gemsbylaura