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New Year Mindset, Hello 2022, New Year Goals

New Year Mindset

Happy New Year GEMS friends! 

We made it to 2022. Phew! Thank you for all your support you gave me + my little company last year. I hope you’ll stick around this year, because I have a lot of fabulous things coming for you and your babies. (I’m not just talking about jewelry either.)

I’ve been brainstorming what I’ve wanted for this new year’s mindset. In 2021, I focused on changing my expectations for myself. I so often get caught up in thinking I need to be "perfect" as a mother, wife, sister, and business owner. In 2021, I put forth my best effort to enjoy the little things while giving myself way more grace when things don't go as planned. I found that once I let go of unrealistic expectations I was able to be my best + happiest self.

As I reflected on the increase of happiness I found last year, I liked the idea of growing + sharing my happiness for myself and for others. With the launch of the darling smiley face “Be Happy” bracelet, I came across these two quotes that sparked the idea to spread more simple acts of kindness, and give a smile to a stranger.  


I really liked the idea of “Be Happy” for 2022, and made it specific to these two things:

  1. Be happy for others. 
  2. Be happy for myself. 


I know I’m not the only one who tends to compare myself + family to others on social media. And I admit that I get jealous of those women who can travel with their family, have a perfectly decorated and clean home, or are women who have started their own company and are super successful. Of course I’m happy for these women, especially if I know them well. But I have some days when jealousy gets in the way of my genuine happiness for them. 

But why do I let it? My life is just as great. I have an abundance of blessings in my family, home and business. Therefore, I’m focusing on cheering others on and raising others up. Because we all know that other people’s success doesn’t lessen ours. 


Last year I had to step out of my comfort zone in many different circumstances. One of them was to get myself into Instagram REELS. I would watch other business owners learn trendy dances, showcase their cute wardrobe, and be so bubbly and cute. It’s always slightly scary for me to get in front of the camera, but for some reason REELS just scared me a little extra. With lots of practice, and a good hype team who make it fun, I’ve grown a little more comfortable with it. 

This year I'm going to cheer myself on, too! I want to show myself more love and grace when learning new things. I’ll think + speak kind words to myself; pat myself on the back more often; laugh at myself; make sure I add more selfcare into my schedule; and take more notice of the blessings that surround me. 

The future can sometimes look dark + scary with so many unknowns, but I know I’ll have lots of sunny spots in the coming year. Maybe I’ll hang one of those singing “Don’t worry, be happy”  fish in my office to remind me to cheer up on those harder days. ;)

If you feel inclined, I hope you’ll join me in seeing the glass half full this year. Look for the sunny spots and smile more. Smile more at yourself and others for just as Steve Maraboli said, “you just might change a life.”