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Forever Hoop Earrings

  • $22.00
Metal Type
Once you put these earrings on, you’ll know that they’re the ones for you. They are light-weight, elegant and are meant to be put in and left in for daily wear. Run, swim, sleep + play in them and never take them out. 
Our earrings are made with only the highest quality materials that have been tried, tested and approved by us.
  • Materials: 14k gold filled or sterling silver. Nickel free. They will not chip, flake or change colors. 
  • Features: Earrings are all sold in pairs with earring back included. 
  • Sizes: Available in 9MM, 10MM, 12MM, 16MM and 20MM.
  • Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don’t love it, contact us to arrange a return/exchange. Read more about our quality guarantee here.
Instructions for putting in your Forever Hoops:
1. Gently pull the earring apart to reveal the end of the post and twist to the side.
2. Then insert earring into your piercing.
3. Finally place post back into the tube of the hoop. It's easiest when using a mirror or ask a friend or partner to assist you.